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The Good and Bad News For Amazon Sellers That Have Received CDTFA Notices

This week, Amazon disclosed Amazon seller information to the California tax authorities in response to a legal demand letter it received late last month.
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Amazon Seller Disclosure To The California Tax And Fee Administration

Many Amazon sellers received an e-mail notification from Amazon this week with the subject “Disclosure to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration” stating that Amazon has been served with a legal demand from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), and that the company has until November 6th to turn over all Amazon seller information and any tax...
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Sales Tax Mistakes to Be Aware of and How to Avoid Them

As a retailer or other seller of products, you have a lot of details to attend to but one of the most important, often most complex, is your sales and use tax obligations. Sometimes determining sales tax is like peeling an onion; just when you think you have found all the nuances, there is another layer to contend with. Non-payment of sales and use tax comes with stiff fines, potential jail...
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What Sales Are Subject to Sales Tax?

Nearly all states in the U.S. charge sales tax on items sold, California is no different in that regard. Sales taxes go into the general fund to help pay for education, health care, public pensions, and other programs. Sales taxes can also be collected for special programs or specific areas of the state.
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Your Rights as a Taxpayer with the Board of Equalization

The Board of Equalization (BOE) administers the tax program for both business and property taxes for the State of California. Business taxes include: Sales and use tax Fuel tax Cigarette tax Alcoholic beverage tax Business taxpayers may take up their concerns directly with the main office of the BOE while property tax concerns are addressed by the local county office. When you deal with the...
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How to File an Appeal with the California Board of Equalization

The California Board of Equalization has audited you and found potential underpayment of taxes, fees, or additional amounts the BOE determines you owe. Your next step is to meet with the BOE supervisor and then the District Principal Auditor. If you do not convince them that the results are in error, you can file an appeal.
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What is a Sales Tax Nexus and How Does It Affect My Business?

  A state may create legislation requiring a seller with nexus in that state to pay tax on sales of tangible property within the state. What is nexus and how does it affect your business?
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How the California Sales Tax Rate is Determined

New sales and use tax rates for the state of California have gone into effect January 1, 2017. You may be wondering how the rates are set and why they seem to vary across the state. Here is a brief review of the sales and use tax and then we will break down how California sets its sales tax rate and the various elements that impact the rate.
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California Tax Guide for Marijuana Businesses and Proposition 64: The Adult Use of Marijuana Act

On Tuesday, California voters passed historic legislation by voting to allow the recreational use of marijuana in California. Regardless of your opinion about marijuana use, the legislation will have a huge impact on the state of California and its citizens and will bring a large source of new taxable revenue into the state. Because of the complexity surrounding the tax laws surrounding the...
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BOE Sales Tax Audits, Pt 4: After the Audit

Here is the final installment of our four-post series about California Sales Tax and Use Audits. In Part 1, we cover how audits are triggered and companies selected for audit. Part 2 is about how the audit is conducted and the types of documents you may be required to provide. Part 3 gave you some tips for working with an auditor and the type of investigation an auditor may perform. In Part 4...
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