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Innocent Spouse Relief & Actual Knowledge

Innocent Spouse Relief This is the most commonly known form of relief, which can absolves a taxpayer from liability if their spouse or former spouse either did not report income, made an error in the calculation of income, or misapplied any deductions or credits that they were not entitled to.[1] Innocent Spouse Relief relieves a person of any tax, interest, and penalties associated with the...
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Theory of IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

Because of certain benefits that filing jointly allows, many married taxpayers elect to file joint returns. However, filing a joint return carries the added burden of both parties being liable for the tax due. In addition, under the Internal Revenue Code, married taxpayers who file jointly are each liable for any additions to the tax, penalties, or interest associated with the account.[1] This is...
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IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Rules

This article discusses the IRS innocent spouse relief rules. When couples file jointly, the law makes both parties responsible for the entire tax liability. Under tax law, this is called joint and several liability,[1] which is defined as two or more persons who share responsibility with respect to the same liability (i.e., event or act).
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IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Requirements

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Requirements - What is Innocent Spouse Relief? You and your spouse are jointly responsible for paying federal tax due, interest accrued, and any applicable penalties under the IRS innocent spouse relief requirements. This is especially true if you and your spouse filed a joint return. However, if you believe that your current or former spouse should be solely...
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How to Fight a Wage Levy

Fighting a wage levy involves taking the steps necessary to ensure your assets are protected. However, when there is an outstanding tax liability for which you are responsible and when you do not satisfy the debt, the IRS will pursue action that may involve attaching an interest in your paycheck. With this in mind, a wage levy is a legal seizure of property to satisfy a debt. If you do not pay...
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IRS Appeals Office

Introduction to the IRS Appeals Office The IRS Appeals Office is responsible for resolving tax controversies between the taxpayer and the other functions without the taxpayer having to resort litigation. Appeals will normally get involved in case (upon taxpayer petition) after the completion of an audit, when collection action is being threatened, or when a proposed offer in compromise has been...
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IRS Offer in Compromise: What to Do When They Are Rejected - Part Two

Continued from IRS Offer in Compromise: What to Do When They Are Rejected – Part One
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IRS Offer in Compromise: What to Do When They Are Rejected – Part One

IRS Offer in Compromise Appeals - Introduction As a refresher to the reader, an IRS offer in compromise is a tax settlement with the IRS where the taxpayer agrees to pay a specified sum and the IRS agrees to compromise on the remaining liability.[1] Many people have seen the various national tax agencies on daytime television offering to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar. However,...
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IRS Reconsiderations - How to Get the IRS to Reconsider a Tax Assessment

IRS reconsiderations are when the IRS reconsiders taxes it has assessed when it receives information related to the assessment that was not previously considered by the IRS when it made its initial determination. It is important to note that this must be NEW information that leads the IRS to conclude that the assessment was improper. In addition, the taxpayer must demonstrate that they could not...
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