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Franchise Tax Board Attorney Hiring Criteria

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In my last article, I talked about rapport and how important it was in making the decision to hire a Franchise Tax Board attorney. In this section, I want to discuss some more conventional hiring factors and in order to help you distinguish the good attorneys from the not so good ones. As always, if you would like to retain me to handle your Franchise Tax Board matter, please see my California state tax attorney services page.

California Franchise Tax Board Attorney Hiring Tip 2 - Experience

Second to rapport, experience is one of the main factors that I feel separates franchise tax board attorneys from one another. Dealing with the Franchise Tax Board is slightly different than dealing with the IRS and it is important to retain the services of someone who has experience dealing with the Franchise Tax Board and who is generally familiar with the rules and procedures of California tax law. In addition, your Franchise Tax Board Attorney should have specific experience with the types of matter that you are retaining him/her for. This can be delineated from asking the attorney specific questions about his/her background and looking at the representative matters section of their website. For example, if someone asked me about Franchise Tax Board collection matters, I could rattle off four or five that immediately came to mind. This is because I have worked on Franchise Tax Board issues recently and deal with them frequently in my own practice. Likewise, the attorney that you hire deals frequently with California state tax issues then this someone that you are going to want to consider hiring as an attorney. There is simply no substitute for practical experience.

California Franchise Tax Board Attorney Hiring Tip 3 - What Others Say About Them

One of the greatest ways to evaluate an attorney is through what other people have said about the person. With the advent of the internet, information on professional service providers is often readily available and can readily be accessed. As such, many people have often posted reviews about attorneys that you can read and evaluate for yourself. When evaluating reviews though, I tend to take what the reviewer is saying with a grain of salt. Reviews that are too over the top should be met with some degree of skepticism. I do an excellent job for my clients and a great many of them have thanked me online through some third party review site. Although I am often flattered by the things that they have to say, I also know that I am by no means perfect, 100%, all of the time. I feel as though sometimes people will embellish things because they want the person being reviewed to know that they wrote this big glowing review. Rather, I look for reviews that tell it like it is and that list both positive and negative characteristics about the person being reviewed. One final tip on reviews, I tend to be weary of review sites like Yelp and tend to look more favorably on professional sites and the recommendations on those sites. As a result, when hiring a Franchise Tax Board attorney, I would encourage you to review sites like Avvo and LinkedIn to check what other people say about the person you are contemplating hiring. Often times those sites will provide more accurate metrics than site such as Yelp.

I hope this article has been helpful in giving you some criteria that I would look for when hiring a Franchise Tax Board attorney. For further assistance, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the information contained on this site.

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