BOE Sales Tax Audits, Pt 3: How to Prepare for an Audit

Welcome to Part Three in the BOE sales tax audit series. In Parts One and Two, we provided an overview of how an audit is conducted and how companies are selected for audit as well as audit procedures and techniques. Now you will learn how to prepare for an audit, including how to work with an auditor and which records and documents to have ready. You will also read about audit testing and...
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BOE Sales Tax Audits, Pt 2: Audit Procedures and Techniques

This post is the second in a four-part series explaining how the California Board of Equalization (BOE) performs its audit function, what to expect from an audit, how to prepare for it, and what happens when the audit is complete. The first post of this series explained the role of the Board of Equalization and the goals of a sales tax audit. It includes when an audit can occur, how companies...
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BOE Sales Tax Audits, Pt 1: What Is an Audit and How Are Companies Selected?

This post in one in a four-part series explaining how the California Board of Equalization (BOE) performs its audit function, what to expect from an audit, how to prepare for it, and what happens when the audit is complete.
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Common Tax Issues for Small Businesses

Small businesses, of which there are thousands in California, spend the highest percentage of time of any business entity preparing and submitting taxes. Federal, state, and local tax requirements are extremely complex and change every year. Multiple agencies administer different taxes, and each has its own set of rules and methods of payment. It is no wonder that small business owners often...
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California Payroll Tax Problems and the EDD

Part of being a business owner is filing and paying payroll taxes for your employees. In California, the Employment Development Department, or EDD, administers these taxes. In addition to receiving tax filings and payments, the EDD also identifies and investigates potential infractions of tax law. What do you do if you develop tax problems and find yourself on the receiving end of an audit?
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Do You Need California Sales Tax Defense?

The Board of Equalization is the California public organization that administers the state sales and use tax law and regulations. The BOE also conducts audits, collects unpaid California state sales and use taxes, and administers the state property tax. There are presumptions of the tax code that the BOE follows in its operation and decision-making process. The BOE presumes: All sales are...
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How FTB Tax Liens Affect Your Credit Report

As if taxes were not complicated and frightening enough, the federal and state taxing authorities have a variety of devices in their arsenal to compel payment and stave off penalties. Tax liens, one of the most common of those devices, can cause trouble not just with your property and bank accounts, but with your credit score and ability to obtain lines of credit.
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Federal Payroll Tax: What the IRS Expects from Business Owners

If you have employees, you are liable for federal payroll taxes. Some taxes are withheld from your employee’s wages, some you must pay yourself. The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, administers payroll taxes as part of its responsibilities. Remaining in compliance means understanding how and when payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid.
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Why Do I Owe State Taxes?

California is one of 43 states that collects state income taxes and currently has the highest state income tax rate in the U.S. at 13.3%. It comes in fourth for combined income and sales tax rates at 11.2%, behind New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We are here to explore the common reasons for higher state taxes in California and ways to ease the bite they take from your earnings and...
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What is the IRS Statute of Limitations for an Audit?

IRS audits operate under a statute of limitations, meaning the IRS is barred from auditing returns after a set period of time. The limitation period typically begins at a particular time in the process and may be extended according to particular circumstances. Why do these limitations exist and how do they apply to various audit situations?
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The Ultimate Guide to California Sales Tax Audits

If you're facing a sales tax audit from the Board of Equalization, our free guide will teach you exactly what to expect and how to prepare. Click the book below for some peace of mind.

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